Creative Design

Just name the graphic. We can design it.

Traditional print design

Turning Point Marketing has been designing custom print graphics for our clients for almost a decade and we're confident we can make your public image shine.

  • Logos
  • Print advertising
  • Event posters & flyers
  • Business cards
  • Large print & billboard

Mobile and Web design

We pride ourselves on knowing what current digial design trends exist and making sure you are current with today's mobile and web standards.

  • Websites
  • Mobile app interface
  • Desktop software interface
  • Banner ads

Special projects

There are always secondary design elements a business needs such as large print ads or apparel design. We even do artwork for musicians. Nothing is too crazy for us.

  • Band promotion
  • Album artwork
  • Apparel graphics
  • Large print & billboard


Mobile Apps

Omahj | iPhone app concept

This is a concept design in the vein of Instagram or other photo-filtering apps.

BeerNotch | iPhone app concept

Concept design of a beer-sharing app. The user would keep a talley of different beers and pass opinions to friends.

Run Eugene | iPad app concept

Concept design of a training app. The user would map trails for running, sign up for races, and find related resources.

FonCar | Android app

We designed this app to mimic the ambiance and textures of driving in a real race car. The app controls a physical car via Wi-fi.

CleverBook | iPad app concept

This is a scrapbooking concept app that would allow users to add photos and notes to a virtual photo album.


Emerson's Page | Band | Cambridge, UK

Identity Dance Co. | Dance Company | Springfield, OR

Sports Conflict Institute | Conflict Management Company | Eugene, OR

David Justin | Musician | Los Angeles, CA