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"Everybody says they are digital marketers given today’s prevailing technology winds. But few do it great. Turning Point has delivered us a rare blend of strategic insight along with incredibly savvy and well-conceived campaign tactics that hit the mark time after time. Jon’s simply a decade ahead of the pack on eliciting engagement across social and mobile channels. Brittney is a project manager extraordinare. And Nick’s creative flair touches a chord every time. Try ‘em. You won’t be sorry."

—Bill Levine,
Digital Media Director, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN)

GEN News

Print and online biotech news publisher, New Rochelle, New York

GEN News has been in the biotech news industry for more than 30 years, having started as a print publication in 1981. Now that GEN publishes both print and online news, they initially came to us in need of someone to develop a social media/video marketing strategy. We are now more broadly involved in helping to create a scalable digital marketing strategy.

300,000 Facebook Fans and Counting

We started managing GEN News' Facebook page in September 2011, at 980 fans. Within three months the GEN News Facebook page was up to 4,000 fans. As of April 2014, GEN is at 300,000 fans and counting. This is a big win for GEN because it speeds content delivery to a targeted audience which extends their content offsite, creates a much higher level of brand awareness and engagement with their articles/videos, and ultimately drives traffic back to their site.

Valuable Video Content

Another part of GEN News' suggested marketing toolbox was YouTube. We set up a branded YouTube channel and encouraged them to upload videos to extend content off of their site and into other channels. As of Jan. 2014, GEN's YouTube channel boasts nearly 1,000 subscribers and 25,000+ organic video views.

Building a Mobile Strategy

We have been working with great partners over at GEN for the past 3 years. In that time mobile content delivery and overall strategy has become a necessity. We were able to aid GEN in development of their flagship mobile application for iOS and Android called GEN Touch. This app is now part of a larger mobile strategy which ties directly back to their existing business model.

Visit GEN News at www.genengnews.com

EPIC (Educational Policy Improvement Center)

Improving educational policies and practices to increase student success, Eugene, Oregon

EPIC is an amazing non-profit company that seeks to improve educational policy and practices that will increase student success. EPIC had created a suite of successful, online educational tools but needed our help with creative design and branding.

Ensuring Professionalism With a Proper Branding

We had a great opportunity to create the first logo for EPIC's College and Career Readiness suite of educational products. After a few rounds of concept iterations, we were able to deliver a simple logo that encompassed the theme of the entire product suite.

Consistency with Branding and Iconography

Along with the College and Career Readiness project, we were given the task of creating unique icons for all the educational tools supporting their products. EPIC was very pleased with the set of icons we delivered and were able to use them online, in print, and in demo presentations.

Visit EPIC at www.epiconline.org


"Turning Point was a key contributor in getting my business off the ground. They educated me on the value of my social channels and gave me a kickstart in management of my digital marketing plan."

—Andy Johnson, Founder, Ample Furniture

Ample Furniture

Modern furniture handmade in Seattle, Washington

Ample Furniture has a great business of making custom, hand-made lamps, benches, and tables. What they needed was a better way to connect with their customers.

Tapping Into the Power of Social Media

After assessing Ample Furniture's media facets we quickly saw some opportunities in social media. First we laid out a clear and consistent strategy for updating Ample's Facebook page, which would help connect with customers in their daily news feed. Another great opportunity Ample Furniture had was utilizing YouTube. We then came up with a game plan for a number of videos Ample could create to broaden their media reach.

SEO & Blogging

We also took a few days to assess Ample's website and came up with a few simple ways they could update their website, optimize the content for search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and utilize the power of a weekly blog. This way customers coming into the site would find relevant content, increasing site retention.

Visit Ample Furniture at www.amplefurniture.com


"Before I met Jon and Nicholas at Turning Point Marketing, I can't say that I fully understood the power of Facebook as a marketing tool. I had tried using Facebook ads before but had had relatively little success. Then I turned the reigns over to Turning Point, and they increased my fanbase by 200% in less than a week. Having this newly grown "captive audience" has helped me reach out to potential new members as well continue to develop the active community of writers we depend upon to help make our site, www.storyboardtv.com, function and grow. As far as I'm concerned, these guys are Facebook magicians!"

—Rachel Levy,
President, StoryBoard TV

StoryBoard TV

Supports aspiring TV writers in an online community, New York

StoryBoard TV is an online community of TV writers which hosts a pilot competition twice a year. We approached StoryBoard TV and asked if we could lend some social media marketing help.

500 fans in a week

StoryBoard TV started off with about 280 Facebook fans before we began running ads on a $100 budget. Within just a few days we were able to hit the correct Facebook targets and bump StoryBoard TV to 770 fans.

Visit StoryBoard TV at www.storyboardtv.com